Farm Box Subscription

We are considering the idea of selling a monthly 'Farm Box Subscription' this year for the months of November through April. The subscription would allow more certainty to our regular customers that there will be product available for them. It will also reduce the time we spend on selling meat, and allow us to try and keep our cost to you down. If there is enough interest then our goal for 2019 would be to sell approximately half of our product this way, and the other half as we always have.

After you have read the info below, we would really like to hear back from you on whether this is something you might be interested in, and if not what tweaks we could make that would make it work for you. Here is a link to the quick survey. Thanks for that!

For those familiar with the idea of 'Community Supported Agriculture', it is similar to that. For those that aren't here is some background. Here's how it might work for us:

  • The subscription would be available to customers along our regular delivery route here in Richmond as well as along route #4 to Sydney and the 'Greater Sydney Area'.
  • A customer signs up for a box subscription, and pays for the last month box as a down payment. A full share would be $75 / month and a half share would be $40 / month.
  • Two weeks before the delivery we would let you know what is coming in the box so you can plan meals and shopping. We would also like to provide a space where we can all share recipes and meal ideas for the coming delivery.
  • Each month you would have a box of Katherine Farm meat delivered to your door. What's in the box would vary each month, but would follow the general schedule outlined below. 
  • Deliveries would happen on a scheduled day each month, from November through to and including April.
  • If you won't be home at the time of delivery we would arrange a secure location to leave your box.
  • Payment would be due each month before the delivery, with the last payment being March (April is covered by the deposit).

I'm sure many people would prefer to see this offered through the summer, not the winter. Most of our animals are grown through the summer and only become available in the fall. In order for us to provide meat in the summer we need to store it through the winter and spring which is very expensive. Also, summer is obviously a very busy time on the farm. Focusing on sales through the winter rather than the summer helps spread out the work load more evenly.

Here is a proposed delivery schedule for both a full and half share. Beef would include a 'whole cow mix' of steak, ground, roast and stew. Pork would include a 'whole pig mix' of chops, roast, ground and sausage. For those ordering a full share the April pork would be a 3lb smoked ham.

Month Full Share Half Share
November 5lb whole chicken, 1lb bacon, 3lb beef, 3lb pork 5lb chicken, 3lb pork
December 3lb chicken pieces, 1lb bacon, 3lb beef, 3lb pork 1lb bacon, 3lb beef
January 5lb whole chicken, 1lb bacon, 3lb beef, 3lb pork 3lb chicken pieces, 3lb pork
February 3lb chicken pieces, 1lb bacon, 3lb beef, 3lb pork 1lb bacon, 3lb beef
March 5lb whole chicken, 1lb bacon, 3lb beef, 3lb pork 5lb chicken, 3lb pork
April 3lb chicken pieces, 1lb bacon, 3lb beef, 3lb smoked ham 1lb bacon, 3lb beef