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Survey Results

Thank everyone for filling out our recent survey. We had over 100 responses, and lots of great feedback and insights. 

You've likely noticed that we have been changing things up a bit from home delivery to 'meat-ups'. I realize this can get confusing at times, but we want to find the method that best meets customer needs while still being as efficient as possible. These survey results should help us settle on a more consistent method, but we always appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

Another interesting result was that the primary reason people are choosing local farm products is quality; not farm practices as I had suspected. We will be sure to maintain high standards in both; but I think this demonstrates that quality of product should never be sacrificed for lower costs. (Personally, I believe an animals quality of life has a huge impact on product quality, so win-win.)

A summary of the survey is provided below. If you have any thoughts, comments or insights it would be greatly appreciated.


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