Delivery Oct. 5

We will be doing a delivery the evening of October 5th (Thursday). We have some great looking steaks, lots of ground beef, and some extra big chickens in time for Thanksgiving.

Delivery will be the usual route - Roberta (4:30pm), West Bay, Port Hawkesbury (6pm), Louisdale, St. Peters (7pm), L'Ardoise, Sampsonville.

If you live along or near this route you can select home delivery during checkout. If you don't, but would still like to order, we can meet you in either Port Hawkesbury at 6pm or St. Peters at 7pm.



  • Posted by CYnthia i CAmpbell on

    Hi , I would take 2 large chickens, I live in St Peter’s , I would need a cost & where I could pick them up, heard your stuff is awesome..

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