Delivery coming ... February 6th, 7th

We have a full range of pork and chicken, and are now taking orders for a delivery February 6th (regular area) and 7th (Coxheath meat-up). 

A reminder ... when checking out, there is an option to pay with your credit card, but we much prefer cash or cheque when you pick it up. Also, the prices listed for chicken (and pork for that matter) are the final total 'package' price, not the price per pound as in the past. Hopefully this will be less confusing. 

A slight delivery change this time ... both home delivery and quick 'meat-ups'.

February 6th

I will be making home deliveries along a route from Roberta (4pm) to West Bay, Cleveland (5pm), Troy, Port Hawkesbury (6pm), Louisdale, River Bourgeois, St. Peters (7:15), L'Ardoise, Sampsonville.

If you live along this route, and will be home that evening, select 'Home Delivery' from the shipping option when you check out with your order.

If you live close by I will be doing a brief 'meat-up' in Port Hawkesbury (in front of Walmart, under the street light) from 6:00-6:15 pm, and St. Peters (beside Home Hardware) from 7:15-7:30pm. You can place an order and then meet me there to pick it up. If this is the case, please select the appropriate location during checkout.

February 7th

If you live in the Sydney area, you can order product and I will be in the Coxheath Arena parking lot (Keltic Drive Side) from 4-5pm where you can pick it up.




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