Delivery April 27th, Sydney River April 30

We are taking orders on more of those awesome chicken pies from Barykin Cafe, plus bacon, pork chops, whole chicken lean ground beef. 

If you haven't ordered from us before, here is how it works ...

  1. Place an order here on the website.
  2. When you get to the checkout and it asks about 'shipping', you can select one of four options. If you live between Roberta, Port Hawkesbury, Louisdale, St. Peters, L'ardoise and Samsonville, and it you would like it dropped off to your hose that day, select 'Home delivery'. If you live outside that area you can meet us in either Port Hawkesbury at 6pm or St. Peters at 7:30pm on that day. If you are closer to Sydney you can select that option and meet us on the 30th at 4pm in Sydney River
  3. When it asks for payment we prefer you select 'COD' rather than credit card. But, if you would like to pay by credit card thats fine.
  4. If it turns out you can't be available on delivery day just let us know and we will make alternative arrangements.
  5. Enjoy



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