Coming Soon - Nova Free Rangers!!

We are really excited to have a new breed of chicken here on the farm. 'Nova Free Rangers' are newly available alternative to the Cornish Cross 'meat hen'. This is a new breed of chicken developed right here in Nova Scotia, that is specifically designed for free range, rather than industrial production. 

Barbara and Brian Aaron, formerly from Britain, have settled in western Nova Scotia and are now breeding and selling these birds. Similar birds are common in Europe, but until now we haven't had a real option other than the industrial meat hen.

Nova Free Rangers are more expensive to raise because they do not grow as fast. However, they are a healthier bird that does well in outdoor situations. Most important, they are said to be significantly better in taste and texture than what we have been eating here for the last 30 years. 

Its a really great story, and its happening right here in little old Nova Scotia. Check it out at;

If you've already placed an order for chicken in August or September I think you are in for a treat. If you haven't yet we still have lots available, and have added another batch that will be ready the end of October.


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  • Posted by Sean Morris on

    Looking for nova red ranger chicks for August. 25 would be great. How much a chicken ?

  • Posted by Sean Morris on

    Would like to buy chicks. How much a chick for nova red rangers? Can I get them in August?

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