Free Range Chicken Available for Order

The chickens are all here and we have processing dates set up, so its time to start taking orders.

A couple of changes to take notice of this year ...

  • All of the chickens this year will be 'Nova Free Rangers', whereas last year there was some of these and some of the typical meat hen. The verdict was a resounding 'yum' for these. They are slower to grow, but well worth the wait.
  • There will be four dates you can choose to order from. On each date I will be meeting you with your order at either St. Peters or Port Hawkesbury (not both, as we did last year). So when you order your chicken make sure you pick the location and date you would like to get them from.
  • Having the chicken packaged in a vacuum sealed bag will be an ordering option. This adds a cost of $1.50/bird from the processor. If you choose not to have your chicken vacuum sealed then I will knock $1.50 / bird off of your final price. Feel free to order both ways ... If you are planning on eating them soon then order these without. But if you are planning to keep them some frozen until the winter then it is worthwhile.
  • The price this year will be $4/lb for a vacuum sealed chicken. I'm not going to be doing any cut-ups as the cost to have it done is just too high.

OK, I think that's it. The birds are doing great so far, and I'm hoping for a great year.

Ready to order? 



  • Posted by Alan Benninger on

    We plan to order soon.

  • Posted by Monica Ryan on

    I am interested in chickens. Are they hormone free? What is the average size?
    I live in Port Hawkesbury so we can pick up in town. We have our own vacuum sealer so that is not a problem .please advise

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