Chicken cut ups - coming soon!

Not only are we now a 'Licensed Free Range Chicken Producer', we have other great news too ...
* Starting with the batch in August we will be growing and selling 'Nova Free Range' chickens rather than the industrial standard meat hen. These chickens are much better adapted to life outside, and produce a tastier and healthier result. You can learn more about them here, or from the producer (right here in Nova Scotia!).
* Also starting with the batch in August we are able to offer not just whole chicken, but cut ups as well. You can choose from vacuum sealed packages of breast, wings or leg quarters. The best news of all is that it looks like we can do it at a price comparable to the industrial grade stuff in the supermarket. Be sure and get your order in soon.
* With the switch to a certified status on our chicken we switched to a new butcher. The quality was excellent, but those that ordered chicken for June likely noticed that the bags were not all they could be, and not suitable for freezing. Starting with the next batch we will be getting all of our product vacuum sealed to make quality is maintained.


  • Posted by Joan on

    will you be at sydney farmer’s market?

  • Posted by ymtxnwhpxr on

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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