Big changes, and a delivery July 11th.

Coming Soon – Free Range Chicken, Grassfed Beef and Heritage Pork at the Barykin!

We are really excited to tell everyone that starting July 11th Katherine Farm products will be available on a regular basis at the new and expanded Barykin Café in Port Hawkesbury. Our full range of products will be available there, as well as many other local products. Rob MacAleer from the Barykin is making space available in their new location to local producers. We hope that this will be a convenient location for most of our local customers, and an opportunity to support other local producers at the same time. For us, this is a tremendous opportunity because it frees up valuable time. It has been a struggle to find the time to do regular deliveries, especially through the spring and summer. Making our products available through the Barykin means that you will be able to purchase our products on a more regular basis, and hopefully in a way that is more convenient for both of us. So, starting July 8th, and for at least the summer, we will no longer be taking orders for products other than advance chicken and pork sides. (But we will be doing one more delivery, the evening of July 11th). As soon as the new Barykin location in the Port Hawkesbury mall opens, hopefully July 11, we will have our own Katherine Farm freezer there where you can select Katherine farm products. We will be starting with pork and sausages, and expect to have beef there in early August as well as chicken after July 31st. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to our email list and you will get an update as new product arrives.

Delivery July 11th

Because we have existing orders we need to get to customers we will be doing a delivery the evening of July 11th. This will be the regular route … Roberta, Port Hawkesbury, L’ardoise, St Peters and all points in between. We still have a pretty good selection of beef, which we will not be available at the Barykin. So if its beef you are interested in this will be the last opportunity until early August at the Barykin. If you have already placed an order and are unable to take a delivery July 11th please let me know and we will make alternative arrangements.

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    Wonderful news….so convenient.

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