Beef, pork available again!


We (finally!) have beef available again. However, we are doing it a bit different.

This beef is available 'farm gate'. This means that it was butchered here on the farm, and can only be sold here on the farm. Under provincial regulations meat products can only be sold 'off farm' if they have been processed at an inspected facility. Up to this point this is what we have been doing. However, due to closures it was becoming very difficult to get this done. Plus, it meant A LOT of travelling for both the animals and myself. 

The butchering was done here on the farm by someone we have worked with before who has a lot of experience. They did a great job, and we are very happy with the result.

So, as a trial at least, we are going to try a different approach. Butchering on the farm is a lot less stressful for the animal (and me!) but it does mean that if you are interested in beef you will have to come to the farm to pick it up. For now it will be on a specific day, but we are thinking about other, more convenient ways of doing this.

Pick up for this order will be the afternoon / evening of Sunday, April 30th. I will email everyone who orders with further details and location when the time gets closer.

Chicken and pork is still 'inspected', and we can still deliver this and sell to restaurants etc. But, why not get your pork when you pick up your beef?!

I'm expecting this beef to sell out pretty quickly. However, don't worry, there will be more available in about three weeks time.



  • Posted by Brian on

    Do you have any stew meat?

  • Posted by Conrad on

    Do you ever have brisket? Point and flat combined. Say 8-10lb

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