Pig 3 Farmer 0

If you've been following the ongoing battle between myself and Snowball the mensa pig, you'll be interested to know that she got the upper hand again today.

Today was 'off to the butcher day' for Snowball and her friends. Knowing that she would not want to get on the trailer I left it in place for two weeks and fed them on it twice a day. I thought I finally had her fooled until this morning when the rest of the pigs ran on for breakfast but she decided she was not that hungry, and didn't really feel like getting on the trailer.

Snowball also seemed to understand that if I was to physically force her onto the trailer the resulting commotion would scare the other 5 pigs off the trailer.

Well played Snowball.  Well played. (slow clapping)

Plan 'C' will remain secret; I'm suspicious someone has been tipping her off. Plan 'D' involves me apologizing to Snowball, sending her to law school and hoping she can support me in retirement.

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