Who, me?

One of these little hell-raisers is a Mensa candidate. She rooted up a sod and flipped it up onto the electric fence. This not only grounded out the entire system, but lowered It enough that her and her bad-ass buddies could head out on the town for the night.  

We were away for the day yesterday, and didn't get home until late last night. When I went to feed this morning there was not a pig to be seen.  

After a lot of searching they were eventually found in the farthest field ... Across two fence lines, three fields and one brook. Then began a whole lot of time convincing them to come home and tracking down the cause of the fence problem.  

They are currently back in their 'time out field' ... Again. They claim it was a total accident and don't know how the sod got on the fence. I'm not so sure.  



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