2019 - Here we go!

The sun has some heat in it, there's calves arriving and pigs on the way ... Time to get at it on the farm again!

2018 was a great year for sales. That was good for the farm, but it also meant we haven't had much to offer through the fall and winter. The good news though is there should be lots of beef coming in May and through the summer. A little bit of pork and chicken is still available for sale, and we will be doing a delivery March 28th. (You can place an order here)

For 2019, pork availability will be similar to last year. we are now taking orders for half and whole hogs as well as 1/4 boxes. These will be ready in mid October 2019.

For chicken we are increasing production slightly, but moving to one batch that will be available in September. The cold and wet of spring is pretty hard on them when they are little so raising them through the summer should be easier on everyone.

We will continue to focus on home delivery as the primary way to get our meat to you. When possible though we will also be making product available through the CB Food Hub and at the Barykin in Port Hawkesbury.

We have a few improvements planned for the farm this coming year. One of them is a bigger (and stronger!) corral for the cows. The herd has outgrown the spot we we were using previously and it was becoming a serious safety issue. The corral is used occasionally for sorting the cows and also catching those 'headed for college'.

Another improvement is moving the pigs off the field they are currently on to a more wooded area. This will allow us to turn 'the pig field' back into hay, but most importantly give the pigs a more natural wooded environment to spend time in. 

So here's to a great 2019. As always, thank you so much for your support of the farm. Appreciative customers are what make it all worthwhile!


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