Half or whole pig orders

We are now taking orders for half and whole pigs. The pigs are a mix of heritage breeds. This yields a much tastier pork, but they are not as lean as the pork you would purchase at the grocery store. (Industrial pigs are bred specifically to grow fast and lean in confinement housing. Heritage breeds are built to do well outside; this means they naturally store fat for the winter.) The combination of muscles that are actually used, more natural feed and good marbling is what gives heritage pork a much better taste.

We will be doing half and whole pig orders a little different than last year however. In the past they were taken to an abattoir in Pictou for butchering, I took orders on how they should be cut and tried to communicate this as best as I could to the butcher. This added a lot of cost and confusion to the process.

This year pigs that are sold as half or whole will be killed on the farm by a butcher who will then take them to his shop for processing. When the time gets closer I will give anyone who orders the butcher's contact info and you can talk to him directly about how you want it cut.

The price will be $3/lb hanging weight, plus the butcher cost of $20 plus $0.40 per pound for cut and wrap. An average half pig should weigh about 90lbs hanging, which will yield roughly 65 lbs of pork. 

If you haven't ordered a half or whole pig before you should have a look into what it will yield. There are lots of sources out there such as this one.

To place and order just follow this link.



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