Around the Farm

  • 2019 - Here we go!

    The sun has some heat in it, there's calves arriving and pigs on the way ... Time to get at it on the farm again! 2018 was a great year for sales. That was good for the farm, but it also meant we haven't had much to offer through the fall and winter. The good news though is there should be lots o... View Post
  • 'meat up' with some great new products

    SUPER excited to have smoked pork chops available this coming Friday. These are prepared by Dexters Butcher Block in Tatamagouche (with our awesome pork!) and are seriously amazing. These are being picked up and sold the same day so they will be fresh - Too good to count and put them in the fre... View Post
  • One more week!

    This handsome fella is our new bull George, and he is getting pretty anxious ... one more week until summer camp on the 'sunny' shores of Lower L'ardoise.
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